At Bodylogix®, trust and transparency are of the utmost importance. We believe that every consumer should understand the benchmarks and processes that have been established to make certain their proteins and supplements are of the highest quality and safety standards.

Third-party certification with NSF verifies potency, purity and label claims. It ensures what is on the label is in the bottle each and every time. But, at Bodylogix® we understand that seeing is believing and that’s why we’re taking our transparency to the next level.

All Bodylogix® products are tested by our Quality Control team and reviewed by Quality Assurance to meet health and safety standards before they are released for sale. We are currently undergoing improvements to our systems so that we can deliver a certificate of analysis, or test results for every product.

While we are currently under construction, feel confident that you’re receiving the purest product possible with our third-party testing and certifications. Like the anticipation of game day, we can’t wait to give you all the information you need to make the best nutritional decisions, right at your fingertips.

Check back often for our fully functioning lab test look-up.