The Dog Days of Summer

Motivation & Inspiration

With sunny days nearly waning, many of us are thinking about making the most of the remaining dog days of summer.

American author Sam Keen said, “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”

And while we strive for balance and to continually live better than we did yesterday, the truth is that many of us live more freely in summer than any other season. We tend to drink more calories and make provisions on our healthy habits that we wouldn’t normally. It could be argued that going to the gym in winter is more of a challenge when it’s cold, but it can be equally difficult to be active on vacation; to refrain from marshmallows around a fire; to choose a bike ride over a boat ride.

Planning ahead is always best and nature truly can be your backdrop for fitness. Pack the camper with vigour and eat your veggies. Squat while you chop wood and swap crackers for carrot sticks when snacking on hummus. Do laze around in the hammock, just don’t stay too long. And, if you find yourself veering too far off your healthy path, think of ways —and people — who will help you to get back on track.

One product we make here at Bodylogix® that offers explosive energy and improved focus is our Natural Pre-Workout; it’s designed to help get you moving, even when you’re not feeling like going anywhere.

Our pre-workout contains an effective blend of ingredients that will definitely get you off your lawn chair and into high (or at least higher) gear. So don’t judge your summer self; instead, ride out the fun and get focused help if you need to help you get back into the gym.