How to Have More FUN in your LIFE

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How to Have More FUN in your LIFE

Sometimes being a fitness fanatic can be a real challenge. Counting your macros, logging miles. Washing your gym clothes. Staying motivated and creating new playlists both require work. Meal prep and chopping veggies, looking for healthier alternatives and finding your mental mojo all can be challenging.

So, if you’re feeling like you’re in a rut or need more FUN in your life, we’ve created an inspiring list to help you shake from the boring tree.

How to have more fun in your life:
  1. Move your furniture around.
  2. Eat food that makes you feel lethargic.
  3. Get up before you’re ready.
  4. Do homework.
  5. Work overtime.
  6. Move back in with your parents.
  7. Offer to give your brother a foot rub.
  8. Bare feet.
  9. Watch paint dry.
  10. Wash your hair.
  11. Sharpen your pencils.
  12. Catch up on laundry.
  13. Shave your legs.
  14. Read an encyclopedia.
  15. Decline an invite to your next social gathering.

Kidding. It’s the month of April Fool’s, silly. Obviously fitness is fun. So is making awesome meals from deliciously healthy ingredients. Haha. #gotyou

Now go out and seize the day! Workout with your funniest friend. Make protein pancakes and go back to bed. Heck jump on your bed – both jumping and laughing are good for your health.

Did you fool anyone?