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Detox Your Life With a 7-Day Gentle Cleanse

If you’re following our blog, we hope it’s because you too are committed to health and fitness. You know the value of proper nutrition and want to feed your body with fuel that backs your efforts at the gym, in the ring, on the mat, or the bike, wherever your workouts take you.

Experts suggest regular ways of detoxing the mind and body are part of living a fit life. In fact, many say the best time to cleanse your body is with the change of seasons.

Here at Bodylogix, we regularly take stock of toxins and what we need to purge from our diets and our brains. Let stop sugar addiction, hanging out with negative people. It’s time to clean out the cobwebs, purge harmful chemicals and eliminate unwanted behaviors.

Detox Challenge

This month, why not consider joining us by doing our 7-Day Gentle Cleanse. The first day of spring is on the horizon – a perfect opportunity to kick-start your overall wellness. Even better, there are many benefits of cleansing, some of which include reduced brain fog and increased metabolism. Many people report a boost in energy and more restful sleeps.

We refer to our cleanse as gentle because it doesn’t disrupt your life. It doesn’t cause you to spend your days in the bathroom, nor is it overly restrictive. A formulation of vitamins, herbal extracts and a daily fibre shot, it is a soft approach to becoming more moderate, better.

Our recommended meal plan includes lean cuts of meat and fish, complex carbohydrates and fresh produce. We recommend reducing or eliminating sugars, alcohols and caffeine – FOR JUST ONE WEEK. You can still work out, supplement with your favourite protein and included in each box is a selected meal plan.

So spring into spring and join us in ditching the cold weather clothing and the winter blahs. This spring, try our 7-Day Cleanse and start a new season feeling awesome.