Taylor Buckley

Online Fitness Trainer

Taylor is a fitness coach and former professional beach volleyball player who fell in love with coaching after using a healthy relationship with fitness and nutrition to recover from an eating disorder. It became a passion of Taylor's to help others find that same love with a proper relationship with fitness and nutrition. Taylor works online so that she is able to work from home and take care of her son. She is married to her college sweetheart and they have a beautiful baby boy named Bauer and have a second baby boy on the way.

Favourite Way to Sweat

Taylor's favourite workout looks like this:

Circuit 1: 15 reps x 2 sets

Reverse lunges


Curtsy lunges

Circuit 2: 15 reps x 2 sets

Sumo squats

Front diagonal lunges

Twisting back lunges

Circuit 3: 15 reps x 2 sets

Single leg RDL

Hip hinge

Buddha squats

Favourite Way to Recover Post Workout

Taylor's post-workout routine involves a good stretch and a recovery shake.

Greatest Accomplishment

Taylor considers her greatest accomplishment to be spending the last three years working on her online business while also working in a full time corporate career and growing it enough that she was able to retire from the corporate world and pursue her coaching business full time.