Samuel Vargas

WBA-NBA Welterweight Champion (Boxing)

Bodylogix® ambassador, Samuel Vargas, is a current NABA champion who has fought his way through poverty, bullying, and world champions in order to reach his current level of success. Samuel grew up in Columbia and when he moved to Canada, he felt a need to prove himself to his new world. After having been bullied at a young age, Samuel made it his mission to never let it happen again. He began training to fight. As an active fighter, he knows that you also need to remain active outside the ring. Samuel found his passion for fitness while training for the ring. Staying fit allows him to keep his weight where it needs to be so that he can be fight ready anytime.

Favourite Way to Sweat

Samuel knows that hitting the pads with a trainer is they best way for him to focus on and improve his strategy while simultaneously getting in a great workout. He also enjoys going for a run and following that with a nice steam room session.

Favourite Way to Recover Post-Workout

Samuel’s favourite way to recover is with cryotherapy.

Greatest Accomplishment

Samuel considers his greatest accomplishment to be winning the NABA title in front of his hometown in Toronto with his friends and family watching.