DJ Lalama

Linebacker - Montreal Alouettes (CFL)

DJ Lalama is a professional football player – currently playing for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the CFL. DJ was drafted in 2016 by the Edmonton Eskimos and attended the NFL’s New York Giants Mini Camp. Prior to his professional career, DJ was a 4-year starter for the University of Manitoba Bison’s Football Team, where he was selected to be Team Captain twice. For as long as DJ can remember, sports have been everything to him. His passion for football motivated DJ to commit to a strict training regimen, knowing that hard work, discipline, and time were needed to propel him into a high-level athletic career.

This strong mindset has helped DJ overcome the many challenges that he has encountered throughout his athletic career. DJ has recently recovered from an extremely serious shoulder injury that had taken him off the field for 2018. After surviving a surgical complication, the result of which was a blood clot in his lung, DJ remains positive. He believes that it is how you deal with situations of adversity that shape your character and ultimately build you into the person and athlete that stands at the finish line. DJ continued to hold strong throughout his recovery process, preparing to be put back in the game in the 2019 season, with Bodylogix by his side.

Off the field, DJ earned his degree in Kinesiology and Recreation Management in 2015 and has been serving as a personal trainer in Winnipeg during his off-season ever since; he is currently training some of Winnipeg’s most elite high school athletes. DJ also thrives in the local community; he was recognized with the 2015 Canada West Russ Jackson Award for excellence in the football field, in the class room, and in the community. While in university, he formed the Bisons Against Bullying, Bison Book Buddies, Sports Days, I Love to Read Month appearances, and much more. DJ also served as the official spokesperson for the local Winnipeg charity, Project Echo, for two years and is currently serving as an Ambassador for the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter – creating awareness and longevity for all the pets at the shelter.

Favourite Way to Sweat

As a football player, DJ believes in three pillars for athletic success: mobility, stability, and strength. He loves the combination of Joga (athlete yoga), lifting, and spending time on the Turf for football specific work. When in the gym, DJ enjoys anaerobic conditioning done through the use of supersets and contrast training.

Favourite Way to Recover Post-Workout

DJ consistently ends his workouts by stretching, working through a series of full body movements that promote both healing and flexibility. As soon as he is feeling ready, he’ll grab a Bodylogix protein shake with an added scoop of L-Glutamine for recovery.

Greatest Accomplishment

DJ considers being awarded the 2016 USports President Trophy Winner for Defensive Player of the Year to be his greatest accomplishment.